Coffs Harbour gardens love our soil. Whether you are looking for soil for either commercial or domestic use the team at Bonville Landscape Supplies are here to help. At our family-owned business, you can choose from a wide range of options to perfectly suit your needs. 

If you are new to gardening or aren’t quite sure how or which soil can benefit your plants or crops come and have a chat to our friendly team at our conveniently located nursery in Bonville.

Choosing the right soil

The soil you choose is important, as it can impact the health and rate of growth of your plants and produce. Different types of soils have different purposes, for example, plants grown in pots have different needs to plants grown in the ground. We want to see your garden aspirations come to life so chat to us about choosing the right soil to see your garden flourish. 

Using potting soil for pot plants is almost always the way to go, giving the plants the special nutrients it needs to grow and maintain plant health.

What soil is available?

  • Screened soil
  • Premium ANL garden soil -bulk or bagged
  • Premium ANL top dress
  • Potting mix – bulk or bagged

No matter what soil you are after, our professional team is ready to provide you with the excellent customer service and advice we’re known for.