Found the perfect pot or planter for your house but not quite sure what to put in it? Maybe you have a space in your garden that needs some love but you can’t quite figure out what should go there. 

Plants are our all-time favourite area of expertise and we love how plants create both a healthy and beautiful living environment. The way they can completely transform a space into something beautiful is magic. 

We have a selection of seasonal and climate suitable plants for both the indoors and outdoors and we know what really thrives in the Coffs Harbour and surrounding environment. 

Outdoor plants

Most people will know that having plants outside creates a beautiful environment and adds an inviting element to any space. There is really something special about getting your hands dirty and getting into a gardening project on the weekend than sitting back and watching nature grow.  

Indoor plants

Having pot plants in the house or office immediately elevates the space. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that they have health benefits too. Indoor plants have proven to boost productivity, creativity, concentration and mood. They purify the air, reduce stress, and decrease the instance of colds and fatigue. 

If you would like help choosing the right plants for your garden or landscaping project, visit the friendly team at our Bonville location

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