Bring your garden to life by enriching your soil and improving the health of your plants. 

Here at Bonville Landscaping Supplies, compost is one of our all-time favourite raw materials. The organic goodness works like magic to improve your garden. 

How compost works

Compost is mostly used in gardens. The organic ingredients are put back into the soil to help replenish exhausted nutrients, improve soil fertility and prompt healthy root growth in plants. 

In some areas of Coffs Harbour and surrounds there are areas of heavy clay, so the application of compost will help to break down the clay particles. Alternatively, if you have sandy soil, you can use compost to add body to the soil. This will then enable water retention in these sandy environments. 

No matter where you apply your compost, it will produce food for microorganisms. Resulting in healthy and balanced soil conditions.

Compost we supply

We offer Mushroom bagged and Organic Compost in bulk. Our compost is also available for both domestic and commercial use. 

If you are unsure of what type of compost would be best suited to your garden, please let us know as our friendly team are more than happy to help guide you through. It may sometimes be that a mixture of both could work the best for you. 

Bonville Landscape Supplies also offer a range of liquid,  bagged fertilisers and animal manure to provide nutrients for your soil.


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